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Holistic Career Coaching
for innovative and purpose-driven professionals

Design your fulfilling career and connect with like-minded people to build a better world together.

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‘Hello work fun, goodbye boredom: 5 simple steps to bring more fun & joy at work (even when you don’t like your job!)'


Are you feeling bored or frustrated in your work?

Do you have the passion and drive to make the world a better place but your current job doesn't appreciate it?

Do you feel like it's a complete waste of time and energy to stay in your current job, but you're not sure what else to do?

If this sounds like you, you're not alone. It can be completely frustrating and draining to stay in a job that isn't fulfilling. It can even negatively impact the rest of your life and your happiness overall.

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It’s not only about finding a job, it’s your whole career path that you can’t figure out.


You’ve been hopping from one job to another, hoping to find your path.


Whilst trying to get out of this unhappy and frustrating situation, you run out of energy to look for solutions, and worse you don’t know anymore where to start.

One sure thing, you can’t continue like this for much longer.

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You wish you had a direction or at least ideas to explore.

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You could then create a clear action plan that makes you feel confident, focused and energized. You know that a laser-focused plan is what you need to achieve your goals.

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You would see your progress step by step: not frustrated with work anymore, your creativity growing, more energy and more clarity towards what your fulfilling career looks like!

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Finally you’d be designing and driving your fulfilling career where your job is aligned to your purpose and values, where you can be yourself, be impactful and utilize your creative mindset!

Your fulfilling career can take so many shapes, it’s not just one job or one career path. It’s about the golden line in your professional journey. It’s about how you make it meaningful and impactful in every step of the way.

Eventually, you’d look back at what you’ve done so far, you’d be proud and happy about it and also ready for the next adventure in your journey.




I understand how overwhelming and depressing it is to go around in circles with your career when you want it to make an impactful difference in the world.

You are not alone in this! I’ve met and I’ve worked with lots of like-minded people who feel like they don’t fit regular corporate jobs and yet don’t know where to find their ideal career.

My passion is to help you create
a work life that reflects who you are and help you realize that what seems to be chronic dissatisfaction is a blessing, rather than a pain.


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Hi, my name is Gwen and I believe that we can build together a world driven by humanity!

In my view, it is a world where:

  • Decisions and societies prioritize human well-being while living in harmony with nature;

  • we celebrate and leverage the diversity of people;

  • we collaborate and co-create by building on everyone’s strengths and special talents;

  • we cultivate both emotional and intuitive intelligence;

  • technology and money serve these core purposes.

My vision is to connect a global network of innovative and purpose-driven professionals.

Even if you're stuck in a job that doesn't spark joy, you can feel empowered to design a fulfilling career right now, so that you can positively impact the world in your own unique way.

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My human-centric coaching approach allows you to explore your career options in a fun atmosphere, with games, storytelling, and music. Remember, it’s not about trying to fit into a box, it’s about creating your own fulfilling career, hence these unconventional methods!

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Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 13.58.56.png

This compass isn't just about finding your next job, it's about equipping you with the self-awareness and tools to navigate your professional journey for years to come, especially in a world where AI must be considered as complementary to humanity.

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I offer a variety of career coaching options to support your goal of finding a more purposeful, fulfilling career.


The Career Exploration Workshop

A 90-min game to unlock your career potential


The Career Pathfinder Call

1 hour to get clarity on your career goals and create a personalized action plan


Design Your Fulfilling Career Programme

From blueprint to actions, 3 months to drive your career bliss


Working together, you can gain clarity about your special way to impact the world and get a clear path to design a fulfilling career right now, with confidence!


If you’re ready, your first step is to schedule a free 20-minute discovery call.

If you want to see how I work with clients with a gamified approach, get my free guide:

‘Hello work fun, goodbye boredom: 5 simple steps to bring more fun & joy at work (even when you don’t like your job!)'

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